You'll love what we're cooking up.

You'll love what we're cooking up.

We've mentioned previously the staggering facts around the personal care world. Specifically, that men and women are exposed to over 168 chemicals throughout their daily hair care regimen. We've sought out to change that by producing a Bentonite-based Hair Styling Clay made with only 5 ingredients and no harsh chemicals. But we don't plan on stopping there.

We're on a mission to prove that you can make high quality and incredibly effective personal care products with only 12 ingredients or less!

That's right. We've formulated dozens of products over the years that only utilize the most purposeful ingredients and we can't wait to release it for you. What's awesome is that these products aren't only for your hair. We've also developed amazing skin care products, serums, and even an incredible all purpose Castile Soap made with only SIX ingredients! 

We've worked for years in our lab to develop these formulas to show you that you never need to compromise for clean and effective products. 

We can't wait to grow with you and share all of the insight we've learned. If you want to be the first to know about new product releases and exciting promotions, sign up for our newsletter! We promise you won't regret it.

While we're building the future, we ask that you try our initial release product - the Bentonite Hair Clay. 

We're happy you're part of our family.


Oxford Hill Team


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Linda Jackson

Does this product help to grow and strengthen hair. At approaching 73, I have my forehead hairline receding. I had always had the downy baby hair along my hairline. My hair is not thinning overall but front hair line has receded about an inch. .

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