How To Use Our Clay


Our hair clay pomade is one of the most unique men's styling products on the market today. Everything from the color to the texture and minimal ingredients make it so that it stands alone.

However, we often get the question:
"How do I use it?"
We're happy to tell you!


Note: Your clay will be hard when your recieve it. We meant to do that! 


This is exactly why we believe our hair clay pomade is its own category. The clay is supposed to be hard initially. It consists of only bentonite, beeswax, shea butter, coconut, and a light fragrance. Most of these ingredients are quite hard in their room temperature state. However, do not fear. Our clay activates when it is in contact with the heat from the pads of your fingers. You may need to apply some pressure, but dig out a dime sized amount and rub between your index finger and thumb. The previously hardened clay now will melt like butter.


1. Using some pressure, dig out a dime-sized amount from the jar.

2. Rub the clay into your fingers and you'll see that it melts like butter from the heat.

3. Rub into your hands for 10 seconds for faint or invisible clay film to form. 

4. Apply to dampened or dry hair to style.

5. Avoid using more than a dime-sized amount or clay streaks/clumps will appear on strands of hair. 


If you have any questions at all, email us at!

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You'll love what we're cooking up.

You'll love what we're cooking up.

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I knew before I read your material what the main ingredient would be. And that it would contain coconut oil. The only thing missing is a natural way to retain or return color to hair. Lol!

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