Benefits of Bentonite Hair Clay

Benefits of Bentonite Hair Clay

We're a team of manufacturers, formulators, and personal care enthusiasts. Collectively our team tried and tested dozens of different hair styling products and we noticed two things.

A. The natural products had a horrible hold. Sure it felt great to have a product that was both good for the environment AND limited the amount of toxins we were applying to our scalp, but it didn't serve its purpose well.

B. The synthetic products looked great upon application but as the day would go on, the grease and weight of the chemicals gave you a desire to want to just run into a shower!

We were shocked by this and knew we had to find a solution. When we formulated Oxford Hill's Bentonite Hair Clay, we knew we created something that does not compromise on both a natural ingredient base and an amazing hold that can be reshaped throughout the day. Now that we're more than confident with the product, we're excited for you to try it! Here are just a few key benefits we think you'd appreciate:

1. Uses a centuries old and proven ingredient in Bentonite Clay 

2. Coats hair with naturally nourishing ingredients

3. Boasts a 48-Hour hold with a matte finish - NO SHINE!

4. Versatile for both men and women looking to promote volume in hair

5. Contains more than 95% organic content

6. Provides texture, volume, and high hold

7. Reshapable throughout the day without losing the hold

Try Oxford Hill's Bentonite Hair Clay today! We promise you won't regret it.

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The Oxford Hill Philosophy

The Oxford Hill Philosophy



Hi Alvin chachen it’s me aaron from ecog, do you recommend the clay or sea salt spray

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